“The Family Man” becomes the fourth most popular series in the world, the team celebrates

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June 21, 2021, 2:32 PM

“The Family Man” went straight into the hearts of the public and into IMDb’s popularity chart

Srikant Tiwari’s double life as a devoted family man and secret agent lives up to his worldwide popularity as The family man entered the ranking of “most popular shows” on IMDb and currently reigns in fourth place.

Directors Raj and DK shared the screenshot of the same and expressed their happiness.

In particular, this list is prepared on the basis of user votes.

Raj-DK, Bajpayee as well as the cast and crew are thrilled

The renowned director duo recently posted a screenshot of the IMDb listing on their official Instagram account.

It was also shared on social media by the lead actor Manoj Bajpayee, who has skillfully taken on the role of Sri over the past two seasons.

Sharib Hashmi, who has been hailed as Tiwari’s colleague / friend JK Talpade, also retweeted this lovely development.

Congratulations TFM team!

Check out the post here

Instagram post

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‘Loki’ tops the charts, followed by ‘Sweet Tooth’, ‘Mare of Easttown’

'Loki' tops the charts, followed by 'Sweet Tooth', 'Mare of Easttown'

Now coming to the rankings, the IMDb list of most popular shows keeps changing based on the rankings given by users.

Right now, the MCUs Loki, the Netflix fantasy drama Sweet tooth, and directed by Kate Winslet Easttown mare are the only shows above the Amazon Prime original.

To clarify, the show’s first season entered the charts, with a solid IMDb rating of 8.8.

Hits like “FRIENDS”, “The Handmaid’s Tale”, “GoT” behind

Hits like

The family man is followed by blockbuster shows like Lucifer (2016), The Handmaid’s Tale (2017), Time (2021), Start (2016), FRIENDS (1994), and Game Of Thrones (2011) in the top 10.

It is possible that the spy thriller will rise well above the graph from its current position, as it has a positive trending rate and its closest competitor. Easttown marethe trend is downward.

What awaits us for the next season of “TFM”?

What awaits us for the next season of

Building on the success of the first two seasons, the manufacturers would surely be in charge of giving their all for the next edition.

The second season ended with an unknown person activating a Chinese mission called Guan Yu and clips from the coronavirus pandemic.

Raj and DK have confirmed that season three will welcome us soon and that COVID-19 will be an integral part.

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