The Riot Comedy Show features Pedro Gonzalez at Rudyard’s British Pub

The Riot Comedy Show welcomes the comedian and podcaster, Pedro González, for three shows upstairs at Rudyard’s British Pub.

Pedro Gonzalez was born in Colombia and came to the United States at age 19. He went to UCLA to get a doctorate. in literature so that he could get a comfortable teaching job at a university and work only a few hours a day. That plan fell apart once he found out that stand-up comedy only required an hour of work a day, and he’s been chasing this whale ever since. His jokes are about what it’s like to date someone, work and live in America when you weren’t born in America and your name is Pedro. His favorite thing about comedy is challenging stereotypes and challenging his audience’s point of view through clever humor.

The Riot is hosted by Houston comedians Brian Gendron and Drew Jordan.


Tickets start at $ 15. Order tickets or find out more.

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Javier E. Swan