The Stranger Things actor brings a comedy to Aiken

AIKEN, SC (WRDW/WAGT) – Adam Murray had a smaller role when he appeared on Season 4 of Stranger Things.

He’s probably best known as the guy who wore a vintage South Aiken High School shirt on screen.

He had never been to Aiken before, and the choice of shirt was just a random selection from the wardrobe.

He is now a local celebrity. To give back to the community, he plans a humorous event.

We caught up with him to see how a local school will benefit from the event.

“The turn of events to lead to this point is just bananas,” Murray says.

Murray can’t believe everything that happened just because he was wearing the shirt.

“I’ve never seen anything so crazy about a wardrobe choice, for me that’s the most interesting part,” he says.

The vintage t-shirt is now selling nationwide. In the Aiken area, his cameo earned him local celebrity status.

“Normally when I do stand-up comedy, I go to a comedy club, and they pay you to come and perform or whatever. There is no comedy club in Aiken, so I had to rent the theater, so this is my first time paying to rent a theater,” he says.

Murray says that since he announced it, there has already been a lot of interest.

“In less than a week, half of the tickets have already gone. So I mean it’s just crazy. People are really excited about it,” Murray says.

Murray is also excited for this all to happen because of a shirt.

Murray says a portion of the proceeds will go to South Aiken High School. The show arrives in about three weeks at the Aiken Community Theater.

“I mean of all things; you never think it’s going to be the t-shirt you’re wearing that will drive people crazy,” he says.

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