Today show host has issues with Meghan Markle’s abrupt withdrawal

Today, show host Allison Langdon delivered a blunt take on Meghan Markle, claiming the Duchess of Sussex is ‘not helping herself’ over comments she made about how she would like be played if a movie or TV show was made about his life.

Discussing the Duchess’s most recent interview with Variety magazine with the Daily Mirror’s Royal Family editor Russell Myers, Langdon seemed incredulous at the Duchess’s comments about how she would lend her expertise to actress to an actor who played her.

“Wait, so she’s like, ‘When somebody plays me, I’ll advise them on who I am and how to play me,'” Langdon said.

Camera iconIn a recent interview with Variety Magazine, Meghan Markle said she was ready to give advice to an actor, should a movie or TV series be made about his life. Variety Credit: Provided

“I mean, come on; she makes it harder for herself,” Langdon said.

Her co-host Karl Stefanovic also couldn’t help but jibe, saying Variety’s photos of the Duchess looked like a “biker tattoo.”

“It looks like it’s on someone’s bicep… Someone’s mother is tattooed on their shoulder,” Stefanovic said.

Langon replied, “I can’t say I saw it, but now that you’ve said it.”

Allison Langdon
Camera iconToday show host Ally Langon slammed Meghan Markle over an interview the Duchess of Sussex recently gave to Variety magazine. dylan robinson Credit: News Corp Australia

Langon and Markle have grown up with each other, after the Duchess used a soundbite of Langdon criticizing her in her podcast in September, using her as an example of sexism in the media.

Langdon, who said Markle was ‘lucky’ to land Prince Harry, the Prince of Wales’ brother, said she had ‘steam coming out of her ears’ after hearing the sound for the first time.

“All I know is I had a lot of buddies who liked Meghan for a long time and now none of them like her,” Langdon said.

The episode featuring Langdon’s comments was the singleton’s stigma.

“When I started dating my husband and we got engaged, everyone was like, ‘Oh my god, you’re so lucky he chose you,'” Markle said in the interview, before playing Langdon’s audio.

In August, Stefanovic mocked Markle for her reaction to a fire that broke out in her child Archie’s bedroom.

Markle had been very critical of the royal family after the fire, telling the media that she did not feel supported by them.

Javier E. Swan