‘Today’ show host provides health update while away from COVID-19

Today’s show co-host Craig Melvin gave an update on his family’s health after everyone in his home tested positive for COVID-19. Melvin, 42, called in the third hour of Today Tuesday to report that he is well, but everyone showed mild symptoms of illness. Melvin recently announced his intention to leave MSNBC but will remain a Today’s show anchor.

Melvin, his wife Lindsay Czarniak, son Delano, 8, and daughter Sybil, 5, all recently tested positive for COVID-19, he told his Today co-hosts of the house. “Our producers can be very persuasive,” Melvin joked of the decision to bring in Today. He said his family had been vaccinated and received their boosters. Everyone is “well” and their mild symptoms include coughing and fatigue.

The journalist says he is aware of how lucky his family is. “Compared to what other people are facing, it’s not that bad,” he said. He went on to joke that staying home with young children who are also sick was “work”. The kids kept busy watching their favorite movies and TV shows and playing in the garden.

The extra days at home gave Melvin the opportunity to focus on his fig tree. “I noticed he was starting to look a little less healthy than he was. I thought he had COVID too,” Melvin said. “So I FaceTimed at a friend of mine, and we realized the… plant had been overwatered.”

Melvin gave Todayit is viewers an example of his symptoms when he broke into a fit of coughing while laughing. Dylan Dreyer pointed out that her married name, Fichera, means fig tree, so he will “always think of me” when she sees his fig tree. “That’s what I want,” Melvin said, laughing and coughing. Dreyer then sneezed during the interview, leading Melvin to joke that she might have COVID next. However, Dreyer said he got a negative test on Monday.

Sheinelle Jones told Melvin he should enjoy the extra time with his family. He accepted. “The kids are thoroughly enjoying the sleepovers and the episodes and the uninterrupted time with mom and dad. And truth be told, they’re fine,” Melvin said. “Linds and I are the ones with more symptoms than them.”

Melvin joined NBC News in 2011 and anchored his own show on MSNBC until March. He is now the news anchor on Today and a co-host of Today third hour. “It’s been a tremendous honor to have this nearly decade-long run of hosting a cable news program,” Melvin said on his last MSNBC show in March. “I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to be at the front row of so many stories: tumultuous campaigns, elections, natural disasters, far too many mass shootings and, of course, a global pandemic. “

Javier E. Swan