Tommy Tiernan’s popular show extended by RTÉ for six weeks

Comedian Tommy Tiernan has the final say after his Saturday night talk show was extended by RTÉ for another six weeks.

A well-known personality has hit all the right notes with viewers in recent weeks, thanks to his insightful and irreverent interview style.

His popular RTÉ One show was slated to end next month has now been extended until April, meaning the final episode will air on Saturday, April 17.

Recent figures revealed to show that its Saturday show has performed very well for the duration of its airing and also has the ability to attract guests who rarely do media interviews.

His February 6 show starring Brian O’Driscoll and actor Stephen Rea won a 34pc share, the equivalent of 431,000 viewers.

On February 13, some 411,000 people watched author Marian Keyes, Dublin Zookeeper Gerry Creighton and musician Dave Balfe.

On February 20, her show with singer Philomena Begley and actress Helen Behan drew 427,000 viewers, which represented 36% of the available audience.

“You only have to look at social media on the weekends to see how much people relate to her show and her interview style,” a source said from RTÉ.

“He built a very loyal following for his Saturday night program and his show became essential viewing for many people during the pandemic.

“It’s often the guests who aren’t well known and usually don’t have a public platform that provide the most fascinating information and that’s one of the best features of her show.”

Starring a mix of celebrities and audience members with interesting stories, the show’s premise sees Tiernan going into every interview completely “cold” with no idea who will take the stage to meet him.

After a schedule reshuffle, the comedian and actor took over the Saturday night slot previously occupied by Ray D’Arcy who resumed his beloved show The den.

It sparked a huge response when it aired last year with reports it will return later this year.

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