Tulsa-based talk show host Clay Clark sued on voter fraud charges | Crime News

Oltmann has appeared several times in Clark’s streaming program and at Clark’s Reunions.

These have also been a platform for Lahmeyer, whose campaign is largely to attack the credibility of everything from medical science to other Republicans.

In his lawsuit, Coomer says Clark amplified Oltmann’s claim that he was successful in participating in a September 2020 “antifa” conference call in which someone named Eric logged on to something called Dominion said he rigged the election for Democrat Joe Biden. By Google searching for “Eric,” “Dominion,” and “Denver, Colorado,” Oltman said, he decided the person on the call was Coomer.

But Oltmann was unable to prove that the call was made or explain why he waited until the election was over to tell anyone about it.

Coomer denies ever participating in such a call or engaging in any activity that changed the outcome of the election. Oltmann’s claim, and many others along the same lines, have been investigated at all levels, from the Department of Homeland Security to local election commissions and third parties, and have been found to be unfounded. .

Coomer’s lawsuit says Oltmann “has no evidence” of his “absurd and inherently improbable” claims and that Clark’s talk show and rallies propagated these claims and encouraged violence, including urging them to the execution of Coomer and others.

Javier E. Swan