What’s the most popular show on Hulu? Depends on your condition.

Why do people pay for streaming services? We’ve certainly heard of people releasing old classics like Office and Friends at the height of pandemic lockdowns last year, when everyone craved comfort, and familiar old favorites felt as comfortable as a worn sweater.

But the bread and butter of streaming services are really the originals they put out that people can’t find anywhere else. You can still find TV classics in syndication on broadcast and cable. You can’t find original series of streamers anywhere else.

A recent study looked at the Hulu search habits of people in all 50 states and the District of Columbia to determine which of these original programs attracts people. The study, carried out by DISH Network

Satellite TV, broke down the 10 most searched shows from each state by referencing SEMrush and Google Trends data. He found some interesting synergies.

The most popular series in the most states was Animans, a Hulu original that debuted last year. The program is a reboot of an animated series produced by Steven Spielberg that aired on Fox and the WB from the early to mid-1990s.

In 22 states, Animans was the most sought-after program, especially in California, Virginia, Oregon, Ohio, and Oklahoma. The states run the gamut from red to blue, from the West Coast to the Midwest to the South, so it’s hard to analyze a single reason for the popularity beyond the fact that the series is just plain fun. Season two will drop this fall on Hulu.

In some places, the most popular show clearly reflected the location. FX on Hulu Mrs. America, a politically-themed program on the evolution of the Equal Rights Amendment in the 1970s, ranked No. 1 in Washington, DC, the country’s most political place.

In others, the connection was not so clear. Small fires everywhere finished atop the ranks in Rhode Island, though the drama is set in Ohio and was filmed in California.

Another FX program on Hulu, A teacher, which follows the affair between a teacher and her student, has been ranked as the most searched for Hulu program in 12 states, making it the overall runner-up for Animans.

One of the most recognizable Hulu programs, A Handmaid’s Tale, was the most searched in nine states, the third behind Animans and Teacher. It’s also ranked number one in every New England state except Rhode Island, and New England is the setting for the show, The Nightmare State. futuristic Gilead.

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