World Famous Pet Comedy Show is coming to MA! | Camilo Diaz

Are you someone who loves animals? Do you live in or near Arlington, Massachusetts? Would you like to have a fantastic evening seeing a world famous comedy show? If you answered yes to these three questions, then I have amazing news for you! The Popovich Comedy Pet Theater is coming to Arlington!

What is the Popovich Comedy Pet Theater?

This family comedy show is a unique animal-themed circus created by and starring Gregory Popovich. But before you start writing comments about the unethical treatment of animals in circuses, know that this cruelty-free show only features pets, not elephants! Plus, all of the performing pets were rescued from animal shelters and receive love and care from Popovich and his family. The 60-minute stage production combines human and animal performers with skits that use clowns, juggling and acrobatics! This world famous show will only run for one night, so be sure to get your tickets fast.

What kinds of animals play in the show?

The majority of pets are cats and dogs, all adopted from shelters. There are, however, more unique performers in the form of a parrot, geese, and even mice! To top it all off, the Popovich Comedy Pet Theater also features a miniature horse! Little Sebastian fans, rejoice!

Details for the event:

Where: Regent Theater – 7 Medford Street Arlington, MA 02474

When: Sunday – October 30, 2022

Time: 4:00 p.m.

Tickets: $35 – $65. Tickets will be for Reserved seat and can be purchased here. Wheelchair accessible seating is available.

Javier E. Swan