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Ganel-Lyn Condie, YouTube “Real Talk” host and inspirational speaker, shares ways to make God prevail in an individual’s life. She encourages members of the LDS Church to listen to the invitations to this weekend conference. (Courtesy of Ganel-Lyn Condie)

As Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints members glued to their televisions this weekend for the 191st Semi-Annual General Conference, the big question looming is simple. Will they take what is said to heart?

In his October 2020 General Conference address, President Russell M. Nelson asked church members a question: “Are you ready to let God prevail in our lives?”

YouTube host “Real Talk” and inspirational speaker Ganel-Lyn Condie hope it will. She took to heart the invitation from the previous conference to let God prevail in her life. In fact, she took it so seriously that she started giving speeches about it.

From those speeches, requests came to her to publish her presentation – and she did. “When you let God prevail, His promises are sure,” is now available as a booklet through Covenant Communications Inc.

“The booklet is based on a speech I gave at a youth conference last October,” Condie said. “It offers practical ways to let God prevail in your life. “

The talk explores seven key concepts that illustrate what the invitation to “let God prevail” means in their life and the steps a person can take to enable the Lord’s will to guide their day-to-day actions.

In his comments, Condie recounts how God loves his children unconditionally.

“We don’t always feel loved,” Condie said. “The message of his love is relevant in everyday life. “

Condie maintains that Satan is leading an all-out attack on the world. “Where he was once subtle in his approach to trap and enslave, he no longer tries to hide his attacks on God’s plan… Therefore, the only way to survive spiritually is to be determined to let God prevail in our lives. lives, learn to hear his voice and use our energy to help bring Israel together.

Church leaders not only invited members to let God prevail in their lives, but to learn how they see Him. The gathering of Israel is also an important message from the top leaders.

Bringing Israel together does not have to do with the actual country, but rather to bring the message of the gospel through missionary work to the descendants of the Old Testament prophet Jacob (called Israel). His descendants are from his 12 sons, often called the 12 tribes of Israel, according to the teachings of the church. These people are scattered all over the world.

Condie’s commentary on the contradictory attacks in her booklet conveys several key teachings from LDS Church leaders, including learning to hear her voice, help bring Israel together, and let God prevail.

“Mighty miracles are ahead,” Condie said. “God has invited you to choose to let it prevail in our life and it will prevail in all aspects of our life if you let it, for it always keeps its promises. “

Condie encourages church members to listen to the invitations given by church leaders this weekend as they strive to help others draw closer to Christ and His teachings.

Condie’s 25-page booklet is also in audio and E-book editions. The booklet sells for $ 2.99.


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