Zee Comedy Show: Sanket Bhosle puzzled as Sugandha Mishra exits script to talk about having babies, watch

  • Sugandha Mishra and Sanket Bhosle were featured in a new promo for Zee Comedy Show. He was troubled after she apparently stepped out of the script and talked about having children.


A new promo for Zee Comedy Show was shared online and featured comedy couple Sugandha Mishra and Sanket Bhosle. The two were acting in a skit, featuring him as a policeman and her as his wife.

In the video, Sanket told Sugandha that she should be ashamed to eat while he is busy hunting down her criminal brother. “Pati idhar bhookhe pet tere bhai ko dhoondh raha hai aur tu noodles thoos rahi hai (I didn’t even have time to eat because I’m busy looking for your brother, and here you are, gorging yourself on noodles)” , did he declare . “Chhodunga nahi aaj usko (I will not leave him),” he said.

Sugandha did a search in Sanket and said, “Bas usko pakadne mein lage rehna, sahi time pe mujhe pakda hota toh aaj 3-4 bachche hote humare (You are busy trying to reach him. If you held me right time , we would have already had three or four children.) He looked confused as she seemed to come out of the script.

“Bachche kya bol rahi hai tu?” Yeh toh script mein nahi tha (Why are you talking about children? It wasn’t in the script), ”Sanket told Sugandha, who explained that his comments came from“ personal bhadas (pent-up frustration) ”.

Sugandha and Sanket got married in the presence of close friends and family in Jalandhar on April 26. They shared photos and videos of their wedding festivities on Instagram, with the hashtag “Suket” (a fusion of their names). In a previous interview, he revealed that they were on the verge of getting married last year, but the marriage was delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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“Now the second wave is here, but how much more can we delay. But we follow all the standards set by the government, ”he told Pinkvilla.


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